Agency Profile: Home Run

Enders Insurance Associates

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1962
Employees: 42

It all started when Andrew Rutherford decided to run the Charleston half marathon.

“He came back from the race and was telling anybody who would listen how much fun he had,” says Andy Enders, vice president and general counsel of Enders Insurance Associates in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Although they weren’t runners, Enders and co-worker Sydney Kyler finally gave in and agreed to run the Hershey half marathon. The three bonded by training and running the race together, and it “got other folks in our agency interested in being active together,” Enders says.

Fast forward three years, and running is now entrenched in the agency’s culture. So when the title sponsorship for the Harrisburg marathon became available, Enders jumped at the chance to tie in running with the agency’s brand refresh. The first Enders Insurance Harrisburg Marathon will take place this month, and it “will be our coming out party,” Enders says.


Andy and I were recently sitting down with a new client, going through their annual review just to make sure their coverages were in place. The president of the organization said, “You guys have spent more time with us than the previous four agencies we asked for quotes—combined.” That sets us apart. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worthwhile in the end—whether it’s running for our personal health and comradery or working with our clients. Our co-workers might not be able to run a half marathon like we did yesterday on a whim. But they’ve walked in the 5Ks, and we’ve done five-mile runs with some local organizations. It’s really building that culture that everybody can participate in.


Running together has manifested itself on a day-to-day basis in the agency. It can be somewhat time-consuming, so we have to be thoughtful about balancing our professional lives and finding time to run. It has grown from just the three of us to a number of other folks in the agency. I want everybody who works here, whether your last name is Enders or not, to feel like you’re part of our family—that we’re in this together. Running brings us together in a nontraditional sense. Rather than having the family business component isolating just a few, we feel it’s an open invitation to all members of our team.


We’re well integrated into our community through a lot of our activities outside of the agency—running happens to be one of them. I think being woven into the fabric of our community is a huge part of what differentiates us. Running is a reflection of how we operate at the agency. We challenge each other to be better. We’re stretching our individual limits and improving on the running side but also as professionals, which has been really rewarding. There’s also a really strong intergenerational component to what we do as an agency. We have an interesting blend of industry veterans and this incredible group of young talent that has entered our agency over the last 15 years.

Photo by Kirk Zutell