Agency Profile: A Big Footprint

Yurconic Agency

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1969
Employees: 70

Fleet of foot, John Yurconic Agency is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association and claims the position of No. 1 provider of medical malpractice insurance to the state’s podiatric community. Developing the niche fueled the agency’s growth in the 1990s.

Yurconic has 12 offices and plans to expand its footprint throughout the state. The impact of adding one or two new offices a year spurred a new staff position: The agency support specialist assists with software usage and integration of new acquisitions.

With a business mix of 40% personal, 50% commercial and 10% life-health, the agency leverages social media and a consultative approach to grow personal lines. Unusual value-added services boost commercial lines growth. With six producers, Yurconic projects gross 2016 revenues of $6.8 million.


We deliver value-added services for commercial accounts that others might not consider. For example, for those with workers compensation premium over $10,000, we provide third-party workers comp claims management, a human resource hotline staffed by an HR attorney and workers comp experience modification review and validation. We add those services at no additional cost.

To drive our personal lines sales, for more than 45 years, we have consistently focused our marketing efforts on positive brand name recognition. We use traditional media, but concentrate today on using social media to communicate our core values.

We work to preserve our ability to spend time with personal lines clients by investing in technology to improve efficiency in our non-client facing processes. We use the Vertafore AMS360 agency management system.

In today's relatively soft market, one of our biggest challenges is to remove price from the sales process and to identify and qualify clients who can and will be engaged in a more consultative risk management approach. We have developed strong partnerships with East Coast Risk Management, Keystone Insurers Group and others to provide effective cost reducing risk management programs to our clients. This is especially important to compete effectively in the middle-market space.


We’ve completed one acquisition and plan two more in 2016. Our agency support specialist helps with the integration of agency acquisitions and more efficient use of our software platforms. We developed that job description after a learning experience in 2005—we’d grown significantly in the prior five years, opening a new office every six to 12 months. But that year we opened five. We continued to grow and remain profitable, but our services did not live up to our core values, and our culture suffered. Addressing those challenges made us a stronger agency.

To hire the best producers, we work with area insurance search firms. They notify their contacts of our need and begin the search, prescreen and interview process. When they have a potential fit, we have the candidate interview with a sales coach consultant and several agency members of our agency, myself included. Once we hire, our business insurance manager mentors the new producer every step of the way. We send our producers to the outside training and producer schools, and we also encourage them and account managers to improve their technical knowledge through continuing education, carrier seminars and webinars. 


Social media has broken down the walls that used to exist between customers and businesses, and we use it daily. It drives traffic organically to our website, and it has helped us strengthen our customer service, without the use of unsolicited surveys.

On Facebook, for example, customers have allowed us to enter their personal lives. We can engage in conversations with them understand their needs and interests, and develop long-term relationships. Those relationships foster our marketing strategy, ease the process of communication and help us address situations promptly.

We are passionate about serving the communities that support our business, and we invest heavily in them, both financially and through staff volunteerism.