4 Ways to Master Your Social Media Voice

You’re already leveraging social media to market your business. But how do you ensure you’re using the voice that matches the medium?

Agents who understand the power of using business social media typically provide greater value and achieve higher sales by following a few basic principles. Business social media is not about you, selling or a monetary return. Business social media is about building relationships, having fun and constantly evolving.

For variety and flexibility, consider varying the perspective you offer as you market through social media channels. Here are four voices to master:

Educator. Being a great online marketer is much like being a great teacher. The key is to transfer this knowledge digitally just like you would in a one-to-one conversation. I wrote a blog post explaining workers’ modification rates to help my readers understand why it’s important and how it applies to their businesses. I’ve earned more than 7,000 views on that post.

Connector. As a connector, you are the go-to resource for authoritative answers because you can facilitate connection to other industry experts who can provide relevant information to your audiences. Your connections can be as valuable as the information you provide to prospects and customers. I’ve used business social media to introduce my prospects and customers to marketing professionals, accountants, attorneys and other connections.

Storyteller. Everyone loves a great story. Telling stories through social media is an effective way to draw attention and captivate your audiences. Enlighten and entertain by telling a story about an experience readers can relate to. I have conveyed messages about auto liability, deductibles, workers compensation and other insurance topics by describing real-life anecdotes.

Humorist. There’s a reason why many large corporations use humor in their marketing: It works. Humor leads to listening. It also makes you more likable, and if consumers like you, they might buy from you.

Brent Kelly is a licensed p-c agent and founder of Empowering Sales, a firm that educates sales and business professionals through speaking, writing and interactive workshops. 

Fulfill the “Why”

To arrive at the right voice, consider why consumers follow brands on social media. Here are the top five reasons people follow a company on social media, according to Edison Research:

1) Promotions and discounts
2) Staying “in the know”
3) Product assistance and customer service
4) Entertaining content
5) Ability to offer feedback