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September 2019

Volume 116, No. 9

September 2019

Perpetual Drive: Meet Your New Big 'I' Chairman

Since joining the independent agency channel at age 16, new Big ‘I’ Chairman Jon Jensen has seen it all. Now, he’s focused on perpetuating the industry.

What's Your Structure?

Whether it’s organized as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, an S-corp or a C-corp, or it uses multiple structures, understanding your agency’s legal structure could have important implications for the future of your business.

Yes, You Need Cyber Insurance

While large businesses may have the human and financial resources as well as risk transfer mechanisms to overcome a cybercrime event, small businesses are often targets precisely because they do not have these resources or security measures in place.

4 Ways Independent Agencies are Outmaneuvering Captives

With just 2-3% of new customers entering the personal lines auto insurance market each year, direct companies and independent agents are best positioned to capture this portion of the market.

Why It's Time to Ditch the 30-Second Commercials and Cold Calls

The key to a great sales career: building relationships, not broad net fishing.

3 Options for Solving Life Insurance Needs as a P-C Agency

Your ability to provide a life insurance solution adds significant value to your relationship with your clients, while also improving your client retention and adding revenue per account for your agency.

3 Tactics for Recruiting Non-Industry Execs into Producer Roles

If you don’t approach non-industry executives strategically, they can quickly become expensive mistakes. Keep these strategies in mind to optimize the transition for these newcomers.

Setting Boundaries and Expectations as a Manager

At its best, managing is about getting organizational results—and that requires setting boundaries.

Declaration of Independents: Patrick Dempsey

When Patrick Dempsey attended his first Big “I” Legislative Conference on a whim back in 2009, he “didn’t know anything” about the importance of the annual event. “But the Massachusetts agents who were there were all very experienced,” he says. “They knew the ropes, and they took me under their wing.”