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October 2019

Volume 116, No. 10

October 2019

3 Independent Agents Share Their Perpetuation Stories

Here are three stories from independent agents who are taking part in the successful perpetuation of not only their individual businesses, but the independent agency system as a whole.

Why You Should Consider a Staged Internal Perpetuation Strategy

Your agency is a barn find for a private equity buyer. Consider a staged internal perpetuation to create a legacy and maximize your earnings.

Point/Counterpoint: Too Many Carrier Appointments?

Is there such a thing as too many carrier appointments? Two independent agents debate the issue.

E&O Considerations When Your Agency Undergoes a Transition

Without a doubt, purchasing or selling an insurance agency triggers additional errors & omissions exposure. What processes can successful agencies employ during a transition in order to help reduce their exposure to E&O claims?

Lag on Roof Repairs Leaves Property Owners Doubly Exposed

The average recovery time for roof repairs after a sever hailstorm is more than five months, which exacerbates the issues hail poses to property owners.

How to Hire and Retain Entry-Level Employees

Thanks to the state of the current labor market, employers attempting to hire and retain entry-level employees face a particularly daunting challenge.

Declaration of Independents: Dani Kimble

Dani Kimble spent most of her life building a career in dance. But when a knee injury struck, her doctor advised her to consider a different kind of future. “It was devastating to me at the time, but now, looking back, I feel like it was really a blessing in disguise," Kimble recalls.