Issue Archive - IA Magazine

May 2019

Volume 116, No. 5

May 2019

Express Yourself: The Human Way to Market Your Agency

Insurance is a relationship business—people buy from people, not salespeople. Here are five ways to bring your personality to your agency’s brand.

How to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

Exhausted from competing with big names that have infinite dollars to throw at advertising? Creating a marketing budget can help you prioritize your funds to make a little go a long way.

Pulling Together to Recruit More Women to Insurance

Here’s why promoting women in insurance makes good business sense—and how everyone in the independent agency system can help make it happen.

Using Checklists for Fewer E&O Claims, Greater Sales

A good checklist includes coverage choices as well as optional coverages a client might want to accept or reject.

Only You Can Insure Your Clients Against Wildfires

In the U.S., the 10 most destructive wildfires have oc-curred since the year 2000, according to CoreLogic. Five of those have occurred since 2010, and all of them exceeded the 30-year average.

3 Problems With Your Open-Door Policy—and What to Do Instead

The intentions behind your open-door policy are good: You want to encourage transparency and keep the lines of communication open. But your open-door policy may be causing your team more harm than good.

How to Build Team Performance Through Praise

There’s an old cliché, “Treat your team members like you want them to treat your very best customer.” Most of us would agree with the concept, but it rarely happens.

How One Agency Uses Video to Enhance its Brand

“Ultimately,” says Woody Brown, partner at The Rhoads Group, an independent agency in Cumming, Georgia, “it’s your story that separates you from anyone that’s doing exactly what you’re doing.”

Agency Profile: Mom Genes

Michaud Insurance Agency is a family business with the next generation taking the lead. But instead of a father and son, it’s a mother working side by side with her daughters—with an agency staff comprised solely of women.

Declaration of Independents: Andrew Muller

At the first two independent agencies that hired him, Andrew Muller was told he’d have the opportunity to buy in. But “that went out the window both times when each agency got bought out by a national broker,” Muller says. “It was frustrating. I decided, ‘I’m either going to figure out a way to own my own agency, or I’m going to get out of the business.’”