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May 2018

Volume 115, No. 5

May 2018

Guide Your Valuables: Leveraging Your AMS

Your agency management system is the heart of your business. Make sure you're taking full advantage of the most useful functionalities it has to offer.

5 Tech Predictions that Will Shape Every Agent's Future

Although many agents have been taking steps to transform their agencies, the implementation of digital technology has been slower than it should be. That’s about to change.

Point/Counterpoint: Is 24/7 Service Necessary?

Two independent agents debate the issue.

No Silver Bullet: Meeting Old Challenges with New Tech

Technological innovations have dramatically changed our everyday lives, both at home and at work. But in addition to boundless savings in time and money, they can also lead to inconsistencies and confusion.

What Big Data Can Do for Life Insurance

Although the property-casualty and health insurance sectors have rushed to embrace the benefits of big data and predictive modeling, life insurers are lagging far behind.

How to Make Change Happen When You're Not CEO

Most human beings are wired to keep doing what they did yesterday because it costs less energy and it’s safe. So how do you create lasting change within an organization—especially when you’re not in charge of it?

Leverage Your Passion to Grow Your Niche

A passion for beer and fascination with brewery culture isn’t for sale. But for one blogger, it has everything to do with marketing business.

Agency Profile: Right Place, Right Time

Scot Solberg, who will take the reins of his family agency this summer, credits strong community relationships for the opportunity to leverage the aftermath of the Affordable Care Act.

Declaration of Independents: Joe Parisi, Jr.

In addition to perpetuating the nearly 100-year-old independent agency his parents bought in 1955, Parisi also served as mayor of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey for 10 years—a position his father held for 29 years prior.