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March 2020

Volume 117, No. 3

March 2020

High Tide and Rising: Perspectives from Dealing with Disaster

Perspectives from agents who dealt with disaster to serve their clients when they needed them most.

Keep Calm and Prepare Your Agency for a CAT Event

Disasters, whether natural or otherwise, can hit any time and without notice. The best line of defense is offense—prepare your employees, physical office, data, systems and clients with these procedures before disaster strikes.

Expand Your Knowledge to Address Emerging Cyber Risks

Some people may not consider a data breach a catastrophe, but then maybe those people aren’t small business owners with their livelihood tied to their business.

Providing Life and Health Solutions That Go Beyond Insurance

By facing difficult conversations head-on, agents can dig deeper into a client’s life goals and build solutions that set them up for life-long success.

The Jury’s Out: Social Inflation Is on the Rise

How social inflation is ballooning into every independent insurance agency.

Why Women Mean Business

How women build long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

Secret Sauce: A 10-Step Recipe for Hiring Like a Pro

An easily repeatable recipe that gets easier each time for hiring a new sales representative at your agency.

Agency Profile: The Insurance Center

With five rural offices in Utah and one in Las Vegas, The Insurance Center team studies emerging national industries and works to establish comprehensive, tailored programs for them—including safety training videos produced in-house.

Declaration of Independents: Joe Hamilton

Recently, Joe Hamilton ended three years as chair of the Big “I” National Young Agents Committee, which recognized him as the 2019 Young Agent Champion of the Year.