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March 2018

Volume 115, No. 3

March 2018

Intersections: Where E&O Safety Meets Agency Growth

Errors & omissions protection or agency growth? They're not mutually exclusive.

Day By Day: How to Avoid Everyday E&O Exposures

Stick to procedure to avoid the errors & omissions pitfalls of everyday agency operations.

Why Your Outdated Website May Be an E&O Risk

If your agency website is collecting dust, it could be exposing your business to errors & omissions claims—and even fines. To avoid the potential E&O fallout, ask the following questions about your agency website.

How to Up Your LTCi Sales Game

Three-quarters of Americans don’t currently have long-term care insurance. As an agent, how do you make a coverage seem relevant to a client when the need doesn’t exist yet?

Through the Dark: Leading During Difficult Times

Developing a wide range of skills when everything’s going smoothly will help you respond appropriately when it’s time to face your first battle.

3 Common Excuses That Bruise Your Brand

The more your team members rationalize poor service, the more they’ll cost your organization in trust equity.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Insurance Staffing?

Just as the last generation of robots largely replaced assembly-line workers, and the current one is on the cusp of overtaking the service sector, tomorrow’s robots will perform at least some of the white-collar work humans are currently responsible for.

Agency Profile: Joining Forces

Flatlands Insurance Group’s foundation for incredible growth in crop insurance and the property-casualty market came from an unlikely place: the Affordable Care Act.

Declaration of Independents: Ashley Winebrenner

When a family friend’s daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 5, independent agent Ashley Winebrenner decided it was time to take action.