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July 2018

Volume 116, No. 7

July 2018

Tomorrow Land: Meet the Millennials

Ten young agents under the age of 33 share their thoughts on the insurance industry's appeal for the next generation of employees and clients—and what needs to happen for independent agents to thrive in the future.

Dabbling in Unknown Coverage May Do You In

Many insurance agents agree to place coverage that is outside either their area of expertise or their geographical comfort zone. But this is a dangerous practice.

Why You Should Scrutinize Your High Net-Worth Clients' Travel

Globetrotting high net-worth individuals vacation in ways which open the doors to often unexpected exposures.

New Claims Data Helps Bust Myths About LTCi

More than half of long-term care insurance claims begin in the home, compared to only 28.2% that commence in a nursing home, according to a recent analysis.

The Best Coaching Question Ever

The greatest coaching moments are the questions: when you seek to understand your salesperson’s opinion and viewpoint before sharing your own.

Next In Line: Millennials Weigh In on Gen Z Staffers

As their immediate predecessors in the office, millennial insurance agents are ready to welcome Gen Zs into the fold. But they also have a few concerns about what it will take for this cohort to succeed as employees of the insurance industry.

Launch Code: How to Earn Staff Buy-In on Tech Changes

You’re ready to improve your customer experience by embracing technology. The problem: Your team is resistant to adopting modern strategies.

Agency Profile: Service That Stands Out

When Karen Fentress worked on the company side and visited independent agents as a product manager, she had no desire to ever become one. But after the birth of her first child, she changed jobs so she could work part-time—at an independent agency.

Declaration of Independents: Jesse Konold

When Jesse Konold attended his first state Big “I” event in 2006, a speaker asked everyone under the age of 30 to stand up. “Out of about 300 agents in the room, I was the only one standing,” recalls Konold, 36. “That really started to get my wheels turning.”