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January 2018

Volume 115, No. 1

January 2018

InsurTech is Transforming the Industry, Not Disrupting It

InsurTech startups are attracting big money because of the promises they make to consumers. Here are a few key areas they're focusing on—and how they could impact the industry.

Could InsurTech Startups Be Friends—Not Foes?

There's more to the InsurTech movement than the disruptor narrative. Here's how independent agents and brokers could partner with InsurTech startups to improve the distribution process for all.

The E&O Side of Getting Special Events Coverage Right

Placing special events coverage for a client is generally not the cakewalk you were expecting.

Why Sales Leaders Need More Empathy

Poor leaders too easily forget the challenges a salesperson faces in finding and engaging customers. Great leaders, by contrast, are able to understand the feelings and challenges faced by the people they lead.

Are You Wasting Time and Money on the Wrong People?

The financial and opportunity costs of making a wrong hiring decision are enormous. According to some estimates, the costs of recruiting, interviewing, selecting and training a new employee range from one to five times the annual salary of the position you’re hiring for.

Your Agency Website: 3 Effective Lead Generation Tactics

How can you take full advantage of your agency website? First, you need to fully understand your lead gen opportunities and the best practices that go along with them.

What to Expect as More Carriers Engage with InsurTech

Private tech investments involving insurer or reinsurer participation rose 49% between 2015 and 2016—marking a 257% increase since 2014.

Agency Profile: Solving for Success

Privately owned by 14 employees, Pritchard & Jerden has been a Business Insurance Best Places to Work for seven straight years, in addition to earning the Big “I” Best Practices designation and another nod from Atlanta Business Chronicle Best Places to Work.

Declaration of Independents: Sara Sheppard Pacifici

Like mother, like daughter: At 30-something in 1992, Kathy Sheppard purchased and later renamed Brock Insurance. A quarter century later, 32-year-old Sara Sheppard Pacifici bought her mother’s agency and invited her real-estate veteran husband onboard. Today, it’s a family affair.