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December 2019

Volume 116, No. 12

December 2019

Best of Both: What Young and Veteran Agents Can Learn from Each Other

How an intragenerational workforce is working together to help breathe energy into the industry.

6 Signs You Might Be Ready for a Brand Refresh

Are you being reactive or proactive about your agency’s brand and culture strategy?

How to Reinvent the Referral

Being a top-class independent insurance agent doesn’t necessarily make you and your business referral worthy—you need to work even harder than that.

The Text Trap: Why 160 Characters Is Not Enough

People are growing up in a world where their primary forms of communication include texting, Snapchat and Instagram. Unfortunately, with these forms of communication, agencies open themselves up to significant potential exposures.

Statute Opens Up Institutions to Historic Abuse Liability

The changes to state statutes represent a significant increase in exposures. The most affected will be schools, churches, foster care facilities, nonprofit organizations and children’s organizations.

Last Chance: What to Do When Your Client Is Leaving

You need to have an early warning system to correctly examine customer behavior and identify potential trouble. Measure these five telltale signs on a regular basis.

What’s Making Your Insurance Advertising Ineffective?

If you’re like most insurance agency owners, you have an ideal client you’re trying to reach with your marketing. But how do you reach more of them, consistently and cost-effectively?

Agency Profile: Reynolds & Reynolds Inc.

An unlikely trio of specialties is an unbeatable combo for this agency: for-hire trucking, movie theaters and residential construction. At 98%, commercial lines are the firm’s focus, half of which is property-casualty; the other half, employee benefits.

Declaration of Independents: Taylor Schoen

When Taylor Schoen meets with a client to talk coverage, he doesn’t stay behind his desk. “I sit down with someone side by side—not across from them, because I’m not superior,” Schoen explains. “We go through everything, with all their current coverage on one side of the page and then our proposal on the other side.”