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August 2019

Volume 116, No. 8

August 2019

Outside the Lines: Should Your Agency Write E&S?

Excess & surplus licenses are increasing among independent agencies. Here’s why more of your peers are trying to get a piece of the pie—and when it might make sense for your agency to follow suit.

Out of Order: The Growing Importance of Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Every business relies on their equipment to keep their business running, which means explicitly designed equipment breakdown coverage is crucial.

How to Read an Insurance Policy

Insurance policies are intimidating. Follow these 11 rules to make sure you interpret them correctly.

Point/Counterpoint: Relying on Commercial Lines Referrals

In commercial lines, is is best to rely primarily on referrals for new business? Or is it better to branch out to other channels? Two independent agents debate the issue.

Seven Figures: A Rogue’s Gallery of Severe E&O Claims

Errors & omissions claims happen, and many of the worst ones—those in excess of $1 million—come from the same lines of business and involve similar types of errors.

5 Questions for Understanding Your Prospect’s Buying Process

To gain an understanding of your prospect’s approach, it’s important to ask the right questions, in the right sequence, and address potential conflicts immediately.

People Power: Harnessing Talent Data to Grow Your Business

People are every company’s most important asset. Why not put the same effort into your most precious resource as you do into determining how many 2x4s to order?

5 Ways to Improve Email Communication with Clients

The more time and energy you spend on administrative email communication, the less you spend on being a trusted adviser for your clients.

Declaration of Independents: Frank Jones

Twenty-five years ago, Frank Jones and his wife found themselves in bankruptcy trying to support Jones’ younger brother, who was struggling with addiction. The experience drove Jones to found RecoveryReformNOW. “I couldn’t just say, ‘Somebody’s got to do something about it,’” says Jones, recipient of this year’s Dan Fulwider Award for Community Involvement. “I had to do something about it.”