The Best Agents Adapt to Rapidly Changing Customer Needs. Do You?

The pressure of competing in a crowded marketplace could make it tempting for independent agents to focus their energy on serving and retaining customers—all while trying to find time to grow the business.

However, consumers are rapidly changing how they live, learn and buy in a digital-first world. This transformation brings significant challenges for carriers and agents alike.

What should independent agents and carriers do to prepare for the changing landscape of the imminent future?


Safeco Insurance created as a resource for insights and ideas to benefit all agents. It will help you:

  • Consider how the marketplace is changing.
  • Identify critical steps needed to provide customers with an unparalleled experience.

What Will You Find?

  • Agent for the Future survey: Safeco asked 600 agents for their opinion about how their roles and business priorities are evolving, as well as their thoughts about changing customer needs and how technology and societal changes may impact how they do business in 2020.
  • “What it takes to be an Agent for the Future”: This Safeco report helps agents evaluate their agency’s state of readiness for the future and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Real-life Agents for the Future: See how agents are taking innovative, yet accessible steps to meet the needs of current and future customers and employees.
  • Expert insights: Safeco leaders share their perspective about how agents can embrace innovation and leverage the power of new technology, data analytics and marketing tools to help drive success.

Let’s Go Confidently Together!

Safeco is 100% committed to the success of independent agents. We believe we can work together for the continued growth and success of independent agents and their quest to help customers protect what matters most.

“Independent agents are the only true advocate people have while they navigate personal insurance choices,” says Tyler Asher, president, Safeco Insurance. “You have the unique ability to transform ‘cheap and easy’ promises into smart decisions for your customers. It’s important work, and all of us at Safeco thank you for it.”